10 facts that says you had an awesome CHILDHOOD

You know you’ve had an awesome childhood when….

  1. Had a parent (who was working) that made up for those lost times when they had to work long hours11379108_898598416850349_1706570181_n 11055434_1801582270067524_1760032301_n
  2. The great outdoors was your playgroundoutdoors
  3. Reading was a huge part of your lifebooks
  4. Chores wasn’t something you had to do, but was a normal part of growing up like kid’s play10817832_869834396402876_1521409439_nchores11232882_1624860737728919_259178811_n
  5. You had at least 1 parent who homeschooled you or at best took interest in your school work at all times
    10593239_362432357291956_804458129_n 11421815_947318465289681_1158677102_n

  6. You have a sibling or siblings that adores you..11326197_900221860027451_1805212113_n
    …guided you11379884_845992968813140_1564682999_n
    …took care of you when you were sick11356705_388138804704018_1328624191_n…even when sometimes they annoy you to bits.11266605_727401190697425_1188131349_n
  7. Homecooked meals was a big thing and in constant supply…1208337_230006473835560_239640186_n…and you had a mom who tried every single trick, technique she could get her hands on, like making BENTO or food art…1172513_603408889717208_166177307_n…and BABYLEDWEANING…cats…homemade delicious Popsicle

    popscilesand food that was so good, you had no words to express it.


  8. Nothing spells awesome childhood, than to have a life full of endless chances of imaginary play…
    …a do+it+yourself cineplex with mom’s tablet/ipad10838363_893746177325260_492484951_n…lego tiaras1172989_548845885197423_1438021286_n

    …and heart to heart talk with SUPERMAN FIGURINES (who cares if I am a girl)


    …who cares if that imaginary moment drove your mom up the wall…


    …when that one time you ate that organic cream, in the name of imagination.


  9. Art foundation was strong and you had so many platforms to show your inner creativity…11176011_1572648782997374_1535968380_n…using bizarre techniques…11015695_1378811079106461_2077165711_n

    and making full use of that empty bare dull wall space your parents have at home.


  10. Nothing bets more having an awesome childhood when your mom puts her dreams on hold to make you live the dream of feeling royalty even when you are not…891475_1536640459931786_683798513_n… and teach you small ways to help pay the bills because you werent born into royalty…10848075_1410842335874270_1522720827_n…so you can afford to use that extra cash for some awesome educational trips to see awesome marine life…11184654_383506901773986_2098358383_n…or simple train trips with cabin crews…

    11191359_1384151351913292_2015973268_nand sometimes, through those strong ambitions and dreams, they share their hopes..

    10919750_1445332522444549_1381685375_nTHAT YOU HAD AN AWESOME CHILDHOOD TO REMEMBER BY